Scanning Isn’t Enough: Measuring true risk with a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management program

The threat landscape isn’t just changing at blinding speeds, it’s expanding into areas and devices that many never considered before. Vulnerability Management (VM) tools have been around for many years, but like any other security function, have had to adapt to account for the scope and scale of the devices security teams are protecting. In this discussion, we’ll take a look at some of the challenges security teams are facing when trying to mitigate vulnerabilities across every type of asset out there. We’ll also discuss how a risk-based approach to prioritization of vulnerabilities is a real force multiplier for security programs versus traditional VM methodologies. Finally, we’ll review a data science driven model for assigning risk, that, even as the threat landscape changes, demonstrates how these approaches can be brought together to answer the right kinds of questions your leaders are asking which will improve your overall security posture and encourage a stronger security culture in your organization.

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