Call for Papers

The Call for Papers (CFP) is now open!

GoSec is designed for security professionals to share information on relevant industry topics that will immediately benefit their colleagues’ organizations. Innovative topics and presentations from the research field are also welcome. The conference has one main track and four sub-tracks. Each talk lasts on average 45 minutes, including time for Q&A.

Please note that we do not accept sales pitches or sponsored presentations. For sponsorship information, please visit our sponsorship page.

Important dates & logistics:

  • April 15th – First round of the CFP closes
  • June 30th – Second round of the CFP closes

Your proposal must contain the following information:

  • Name and contact information of the speaker
  • Name of organization and/or affiliations
  • A short biography of 300 words
  • Topic, title of presentation and a half-page description (please specify the language in which the lecture will be presented)
  • Reasons why the proposed topic is innovative, relevant and likely to be of interest to the participants
  • Optional: list of your previous publications or speeches
  • Optional: Please let us know if you will be using presentation materials
  • Optional: Please let us know if you are planning a case study
  • Please provide a list of locations where these publications or conferences on the topic will be published

Please identify the sector that best fits your conference topic:

GoSec does not adopt a theme but make sure your proposed topic will immediately benefit your audience and their organizations.

  • Risk Management & Governance
  • Analytics, Intelligence & Response
  • Cloud Security & Cloud Sec Ops
  • DevSecOps
  • Hackers, Threats & Vulnerability Management
  • Data Security, Privacy & Law
  • Security Operations & Services
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Cybersecurity Mashup

Please include all your answers in text form in your email and include any relevant PDF or HTML files.

Depending on the case, transportation and accommodation may be offered.

Please send everything to