Meet the 2019 SERENE-RISC Cyberstat Challenge participants. Their work will be featured at the GoSec Conference on August 28-29 at the Montréal Convention Centre.

Camille Felx-Leduc

Master of Computer Science

“After my studies, I intend to continue to enhance my cybersecurity skills around IT and OT. I also would like to gain international experience in leadership and team training. In addition, I would like to play a key role, on a global stage, which would allow me, using creativity, to obtain innovative results.”

Alexa Charles

MA in Criminology

“I would like to serve in the government in a high-level position, as an anti-terrorism analyst or as a hostage negotiator. I’m still not 100% sure of what I want to do, but in any case, I’m passionate about everything related to internal security.”

David Brisebois

MA in Criminology

“Once I finish my studies, I hope to get a job in the area of ​​public safety within, for example, a ministry or the police. I am particularly interested in police practices, public policies and environmental safety.”

Caroline Dakouré

Master of Computer Science

“After my studies, I would like to specialize in user interfaces to complete my passion for computer science with my new passion for the arts. At first, I intend to learn about the technologies related to this field and work full time thereafter. I am also increasingly interested in cyber investigation, an option worth considering as well.”

Marc-André Audet

Certificate in Cyberfraud

“I have more than a decade of professional IT experience, including nine years specifically in the field of public safety. Development, cyber investigation, computer forensics and open source research are areas that fascinate me!

“Next year, I will have completed my part-time studies at Polytechnique Montréal, after which I intend to take a moment of reflection in order pursue a master’s degree… Stay tuned!”

Marilyne Bernier

MA in Criminology

“As I am nearing completion of a master’s degree program in criminology at the Université de Montréal, I will soon be actively looking for a job in cybersecurity. I would like to obtain a position that will allow me to take advantage of my specialization in the financial sector as well as my knowledge of risk management, cybercrime and cyber resilience.”

Traian Toma

MA in Criminology

“Upon obtaining my master’s degree, I intend to pursue a PhD in criminology and continue to focus on cybercrime and cybersecurity issues. Likewise, I am considering a career as an academic researcher, examining the same issues for they are gaining more and more importance in our everyday life. I want to specialize on dark web issues. For example, it would be relevant for a researcher to know more about the ways in which criminal networks manifest themselves in this sphere compared to offline world. I will probably use a quantitative/big data methodology.”

Uyên Tang

MA in Criminology

“Once I finish my studies, I would like to start a career in a police organization, a ministry or a cybersecurity company. I am particularly interested in criminal intelligence, digital forensics and legal linguistics.”

Alex Dos Santos

MS in Governance, Audit and IT Security

“I am a professional in cyber risk protection and management for businesses. I hope to contribute to business innovation by enabling sound cyber risk management aligned with the most significant threats.”

Patrice Brisson

MS in Governance, Audit and IT Security

“Once I graduate, I will be seeking a position as an international consultant in IT security governance.”

Manon Pamar

Ph.D. in Criminology

“I intent to conduct applied research in order to work in direct partnership with police or justice services, or to guide their strategic orientations in prospective positions. I strongly wish to combine empirical research and police practice making sure it is evidence-based (EBP). To do this, I would like to mobilize theories stemming from research projects with practical applications in police practice, in France and Quebec. My areas of focus are cybercrime and more specifically the dark web and child pornography.”

Adeline Veyrinas

MA in Criminology

“I would like to work in (cyber) security, on a prevention side, to enable organizations to improve their skills in this area, taking advantage of the benefits of participatory action research and applied quantitative data analysis. My interests lie in cybercrime prevention strategies and methods as well as cybersecurity governance and related police activities.”

Loreena Bertoux

MA in Criminology

I don’t have a clear idea yet of what I would like to do after my studies. Therefore, I remain open to every opportunity that would allow me to practice in criminology, cybercrime or cybersecurity. Ideally, my future job would also give me the opportunity to use my knowledge of psychology.”