A Paradigm Shift in Cybersecurity…Intelligent Network Security

Cyberattacks are ever evolving, increasingly using automation to morph and elude detection. Add to this an ever-expanding attack surface, rapid growth of both cloud adoption and remote users, and a flood of new, hard-to-secure IoT devices. Clearly, the enterprise threat landscape has never been more challenging.

Traditional manual and reactive security approaches are simply overmatched.

So, how do you proactively manage policy changes, protect devices and stop new threats? You need a radical new approach to network security that can scale faster than manual approaches.

Join us as we share our perspective on why cybersecurity needs a radical new approach – from an “always react” mode to a “proactively protect” mode. Our expert will introduce the radical new ML-based innovations in PAN-OS 10.0 along with a slate of brand new capabilities to help your network security stay ahead of threats.

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Ashwath Murthy